The next phase of our repair and restoration of historic St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church is the installation of new icons in the interior of our Church. You can leave a lasting legacy by donating to this important project.


  • All prices include costs for scaffolding and final installation.
  • All icons are written on canvas.
  • All halos are gilded (23K gold).
  • These icons below are samples. The final look may differ.
  • You can fund an icon can as a gift from your family or a gift in memory of a loved one.
  • Information about your donation can be displayed on the icon if you choose.
  • Before you pay for an icon make sure it is available.
  • You can donate online by indicating “Capital Campaign”.
  • You can also donate by mail by sending your check to:
    St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church
    203 Jacob St, Mont Clare, PA 19453
    (Please write “Capital Campaign” in the check memo).
  • You can also help cover the cost of new icons with small donations. All donations are appreciated.

The Icons

Altar Area Layout Design

Platytera (semicircle, radius 196 inches) $11,400.00

Jesus Christ on the Throne of Glory $3,000.00
2 Angels with rapidia (fans) (94 inches) $2,900.00 each
St. John Chrysostom (94 inches) $2,900.00
St. Basil the Great (94 inches) $2,900.00
St. Gregory Dialogues (Pope St. Gregory the Great) (94 inches) $2,900.00
St. James (the Just, Brother of the Lord) (94 inches) $2,900.00

Ornamental curtains (42 feet) $8,300.00

2 Continuous ornaments (36 feet long each) $2,400.00 each

2 Ornaments around side windows (108 x 45 inches) $2,000.00 each

Ceiling Area Layout Design

Pantocrator in a circle. Background gilded (23K gold) (158 inches in diameter) $8,100.00

4 Evangelists (118 inches each) $5,900.00 each

4 Angels with Trumpets $5,350.00 each

4 Seraphim-Angels (118×138 inches) $3,700.00 each

Cross ornament (12 x 1260 inches) $7,000.00