Translated from the Original Text that Was Published on Facebook

In the evening of July 14, 2020, Bishop Milan passed away. He was the bishop of the Ruthenian Greek-Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo. The cause of his death was due to complications from a blood clot. Below is the original text of his Last Will and Testament:

“In the name of the Holy Trinity!

In these days, when a lot of people are full of worries related the coronavirus, I have realized, that I, a bishop, have not made a Last Will and Testament. I consider it my duty to write my one. I realize, that every day I am getting closer to the end of my earthly life. But: I believe in eternal life!

First of all, I ask the merciful Lord God to have mercy on my soul, and I regret every way in which I have offended Him: thoughts, words, deeds or neglect of doing the good. And to you, my brothers in the priesthood, and to everyone, brothers and sisters, I apologize for any offense: whether because I was not a good example for you or because I lacked love for you. Although I tried to be a good shepherd, I know that often I showed my inflammatory nature and I did not control my anger and negative emotions. I have also many times condemned others or talked too badly about them. Please forgive me and pray for me.

Being in sound mind, I consciously declare that everything that belongs to me becomes the property of the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo. Personal photos can be destroyed if they are not suitable for archiving. I leave the books for the eparchial library. The parish house in Lumshory, which was built from my own expense, I leave to the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo, so that my successors have a place to rest. All my personal liturgical items and liturgical vestments I leave to my successors as property of the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo. My cassocks and ryassas I ask to be distributed to those who need them, my personal clothes as well.

I realize that ‘I have not brought anything in this world and will not take anything from it’ (1 Timothy 6:7). But, I still ask you to dress me into the tomb in the liturgical vestments of my episcopal ordination. If you need a mitre, then use one that is well worn, which would not be missed. Place no ring on my hand, and no panaghia except for a wooden one, with a metal icon of Our Lady of Mariapoch, and put a rosary in my hands. Please bury me in the crypt under the cathedral above the place where our Blessed Theodore Romzha was buried. 

I ask everyone to pray for me that the Lord will accept me into His Kingdom.

Uzhgorod, March 14, AD 2020”