1. Saint Michael’s Cemetery, in Mont Clare, PA, is part of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic and, as such, is bound by the laws and regulations of the Catholic Church and the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic.

2. The private resale of graves or exchange of graves other than through Saint Michael’s Cemetery will not be honored. If you have rights to more than one grave, please stipulate which member(s) of your family inherit(s) the privilege of burial. Any interment in a grave of anyone other than the lot owner must have written permission of the lot owner or all of the lot owner’s surviving heirs at law, e.g., children, grandchildren, and siblings.

3.  Monuments may be erected only on plots paid in full. Only one family memorial per plot is allowed, with individual grave markers, if so desired. Corner or plot markers are permitted. They are to be placed on the corners of a plot; set flush to the ground, and must be of quality granite or bronze. Government markers are permitted.

4. Memorials and foundations must meet prescribed specifications. Pre-cast foundations, flat stones raised above ground level, homemade markers, or statues of any type are not permitted. All stones, monuments, and markers are to be aligned with the head of the grave and in line. The parish reserves the right to bill for all memorial foundations installed by the monument company.

Monument companies must obtain the single approval of the pastor for the design before any work begins. No artwork contrary to Christian beliefs or practices is permitted.

5. Flowerbeds shall not exceed 8” (inches) from the base of the memorial. No new shrubbery, ivy, rose bushes, or trees are permitted in the cemetery. Also, there will be no planting around flat stones.

6. Plastic flowers, arrangements, plastic containers, styrofoam of any kind, fiberglass, or artificial flowers are permitted during the winter season (November to April only) and will be removed at the end of the winter season. Cut flowers or potted plants will be allowed on the graves, but may be removed at the pastor’s discretion. Glass containers and ceramics of any kind are not permitted. The pastor may remove any decoration, artificial or real, at any time, for any reason.

7.  Saint Michael’s Cemetery will not be responsible for any damage to memorials resulting from vandalism, mischief, or negligence of others, etc., nor for damage or theft to plants, vases, vigil lights, etc. The care and maintenance, repair, and liability regarding monuments is the responsibility of the monument holder.

8.  Outer burial container is required for caskets.

9.  Saint Michael’s Cemetery reserves the right, at any time, and from time to time, to amend, rescind, or add to these rules and regulations, including prices, with or without notice.

10. Saint Michael’s Cemetery reserves the right to delay burial in the event of adverse weather. The cost of snow removal in the cemetery for burial will be billed by the parish and added to the grave opening fee.

11. Prices are subject to change without notice. The following prices are in effect as of January 1, 2023:

Single plot (Parishioner) – $1,250.00

Double plot (Parishioner) – $2,400.00

Single plot (Non-parishioner) – $1,800.00

Double plot (Non-parishioner) – $3,500.00

Grave opening Fee (Parishioner) – $1,600.00

Grave opening Fee (Non-Parishioner) – $2,200.00

Cremation Burial Fee (Parishioner) – $990.00

Cremation Burial Fee (Non-Parishioner) – $990.00

New Monument Permit Fee – $100.00

Tent – $200.00

Saturday fee before 1:00 PM – $200.00

N.B. Please see the pastor for restrictions and details regarding cremation.

12. Even if you have a plot at Saint Michael’s Cemetery, it does not mean that you own the plot, but merely the privilege of burial there. You may neither sell the plot to anyone nor bury any non-relative in the plot without the pastor’s permission